Wishing Feathers

For my personal essay, I have chosen to completely transform a script I wrote in Drama 20. Since I am saving all of you readers the cringe of my old script, please feel free to critique my writing and encourage me to find new ways to develop my English writing skills.

Character Descriptions:

VERITY (MAGICAL DOLL/ BEING): This human doll has 20 feathers in a jar and when a feather is picked out, a wish can be made. She was personally made for the TMT. These dolls are like angels that have been sent from above to make their human’s last dreams come true before their time is up. She is truthful, loving and very sarcastic.

TROUBLE MAKING TEENAGER: This character is later named KAI by VERITY.  This character can be played by a boy or a girl. TMT has not gone to the hospital for a long time (he/she can’t afford it), TMT lives in the streets and is about to die due to lack of nutrition. His/her parents died on their trip to Africa. He/she makes use of her time by singing, writing and drawing.


Located in Jackson, Mississippi, the poorest state in America. It starts in the streets where the TMT lives. There is a bucket on stage right which TMT uses to do his/her business. There is garbage everywhere and a garbage bag filled with ripped clothes that is also used as the TMT’s bed.

As the lights come up, the setting is revealed. A dim yellow light represents the street lights. The TMT is seen on stage about to fall asleep on top of her garbage bed.




TMT: (sings) I see trees of green, red roses, too. 

  I see them bloom, for me and you. 

 And I think to myself, what a wonderful (speaks) world?

Damn, this song got me thinking of all these things I was never granted (coughs. She is getting ready to go to bed). Oops, I can’t go to bed without warning the big guy first. (Gets on knees) Lord, I’m about to go to bed. Stay with me as I sleep? (pause). I honestly feel like I don’t have much time left considering the fact that I eat one meal a day, two if I’m lucky and three if someone is kind enough throw away a half-eaten hamburger. I am getting weaker as the days progress and I’m scared because… because of my lack of nutrition. The last thing I want for myself is to die in my sleep. You know this better than anyone, Lord. Oh my word, I seriously can not handle it. (Stands up) Also, the country that “trusts in you”, America, DOESN’T BELIEVE IN FREE HEALTH CARE. BUT YOUR CARE IS FREE SO I DON’T QUITE UNDERSTAND WHY YOU REFUSE TO TAKE ME. (Breathes) Please, when you see mom and dad, tell them I miss them. Tell them I will be joining them soon. Please hear my cry. Heaven, please hear my heart. Good night big guy(lays down on the garbage bags).

VERITY: (offstage) Good night!

TMT: What the–? (Looks up at the heavens)

VERITY: (appears onstage) Hello there! Whoa, you look sleepy.

TMT: And you are? Why are you in my personal space? A you a Comicon fan?

VERITY: I have no idea what that is. But I can tell you who I am! My name is Verity. I have been sent from my father to take care of you.

TMT: Your father?

VERITY: (paces around the stage) 20 wishes. You get 20 wishes. Every time you pull a feather out of this jar, you can make one wish.

TMT: What’s going on? This is a hoax, you can’t possibly—

VERITY: (completely ignoring TMT) Rules are: One, I can’t bring anyone who has passed back to life. Two, I can’t mess with true love and three, any sin is not permitted. Be careful what you wish for! (Opens the jar and puts it in front of TMT’s face)

TMT: And what exactly is considered a sin?

VERITY: The 10 Commandments (clears throat; has a deep voice) One, thous shall

TMT: So anything, really?(looks around) Well, I’ve got nothing to lose (thinks for a second). I can’t believe I’m about to do this. (Picks up a feather) I… I wish…

VERITY: Go on (beams joyfully with her eyes closed).

TMT: (also closes her eyes) I wish that I didn’t live in the streets anymore! (Looks at VERITY) Of course it didn’t work! GET OUT!

VERITY: Holy Heavens! You have no faith! Watch this. (VERITY picks up the garbage and goes to toss it in the bucket) What is that?

TMT: It’s where I get my business done.

VERITY: Um, ew (she throws the garbage in the bucket. She tosses it backstage).

TMT: Okay. So you cleared the streets. Would you like a medal?

VERITY: Earthly possessions mean nothing to me. I’m already getting rewarded for all of this from my father. Now watch this (VERITY snaps. The lights become brighter now that the stage is an illusion of a condo.)


VERITY: Don’t use the enemy’s name in vain. Such profanity gives me uncomfortable chills.

TMT: This is true… It’s all really true!

VERITY: Well, my father is no liar!

TMT: Can I ask for more at any given time?

VERITY: You sure can, girly! Obviously you only have 19 wishes left so wish away!

TMT: Okay. Gosh, I wish I made a list! Make sure you’re listening, I have a few at the tip of my mouth. (Picks up a handful of feathers and leaves 3 in the jar. As she states her wishes, VERITY goes off stage to grant all of her wishes). 

Candy! Food! A dog! A cellphone! More food! Warm blankets! A soft pillow! Fashionable clothes! A Jacuzzi! A guitar! New art tools! A microphone! A car! And most importantly, a laptop! (Looks around to see if everything was completed, she can’t find VERITY) Oh, (she looks beat, her tears turn into cries). Ha. Hahahaha…

VERITY: (comes in carrying all of the things in a “Holy Bag”. She sees TMT cry, drops the bag and rushes to her side) Oh no! Why are we crying?! Did the car fall on you?!

TMT: CAR FALLING?! I literally thought you left me…

VERITY: Kai, that’s not my duty. Of course I didn’t leave you.

TMT: How… How did you know my name? I’ve never told anyone–

VERITY: My father warned me about you. You are safe with me.

TMT: You’re dad’s a pretty cool guy, who is he?

VERITY: I’m glad you feel that way about my father but he is also yours.

TMT: I have a long lost sis–

VERITY: My father is God.

TMT: (realizes) Ohhhh!

VERITY: You’re so silly. Now let’s get unpacked. Just thought I’d let you know, your car is in the garage, the dog is taking a nap in your bedroom, your Jacuzzi has been installed and your art room is downstairs. You have 3 wishes left. Remember, every feather you touch hears a wish. Good night now!

TMT: Wait! I don’t want to sleep yet! (Pause) What if this is all a dream?

VERITY: (pinches TMT) It’s not.

TMT: Okay, ouch. Thank you.

VERITY: No problem. Good night now!

TMT: Actually, I want to make a wish before I sleep!

VERITY: (holds the jar) Wish away, girly.

TMT: Okay! (Accidentally touches two feathers. She gasps) VERITY!

VERITY: What? I’m not the one who picked the feathers up!

TMT: What—What am I supposed to do?

VERITY: You have to make your wishes, dear.

TMT: But I don’t know what to wish for!

VERITY: (panics) I’m not allowed to help you make wishes but… just wish for someone you’re a fan of!

TMT: I… wish I could have tickets to see Beyoncé. I also wish I could have a lot of money.

VERITY: (picks the tickets out of her shirt) Here are your tickets. Your money wish can’t be granted. You have to be more specific. And money is so typical.

TMT: More specific? Why?

VERITY: Because the money would come from the bank account which is considered stealing. Sins aren’t permitted remember?

TMT: Well, then I wish I could get a job at Wal-Mart! Better?

VERITY:  Better. (VERITY pulls the employee card from the TMT’s hat) You start as soon as you wake up.

(TMT makes her way offstage to go to bed. She turns around)

TMT: (thinks) Actually, I will make one more wish.

VERITY: Hm? But you already spent all of your wishes! You can’t possibly want to die so quickly! (Covers her mouth)

TMT: Excuse me?

VERITY: This is your life, you can make your last wish! Go on, wish away, girly! (Shows her the jar)

TMT: This is some bull crap! (Slaps the box on the ground) What the hell is this anyway?

VERITY: Kai, the thing is—


VERITY: I can’t simply leave you—

TMT: GET OUT! (Throws the cellphone at Verity) 

(VERITY exits)

TMT: Happiness IS a random abstract feeling.

(picks up the last feather) I wish. (Thinks) No.

I wish.

I wish that when I die, I can go to heaven. Rest peacefully, and eternally live with my parents. This life is too severe. I want to be in a place where there is music, and love, joy, comfort, harmony and peace. I want to walk on streets of gold and wear white all the time. I want to sing in perfect melody with my fellow angels and never think of the pain I had to live through in this nasty planet.


(The lights shift into a pure bright white light)

(Heavenly chords start to play) 


TMT: (looks around) Where am I? (Confused smile) What is this delightful rush?


(VERITY enters)


VERITY: Welcome to heaven. It is true that your time was short and you had no faith in sight but you still had an ounce of faith and that is what matters.

TMT: This is it? Heaven? It’s so much better than what I thought.

VERITY: Yes, well, all mortals feel that way, it’s very natural. Welcome to the place where rest is abundant and love overflows.

TMT:He found grace in me. The Lord found grace in me! I am here!

(sings) Amazing grace

How sweet the sound

That saved a wretch like me

(VERITY joins in)

I once was lost

But now am found

Was Blind but now I see.

(Lights go down as KAI and VERITY are holding hands) 

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