This I Believe – Laughter is the Best Medicine

This I Believe – Laughter is the Best Medicine

I believe that laughter is the best medicine. When everything in your body, every part of your mind, and everyone around you aches, there is nothing better than a fit of laughter. When tempers are flaring, tensions are forming, when tears are falling, there is nothing better than a fit of laughter. When relationships need repairing, hearts need healing, and ice needs breaking, there is nothing better than a fit of laughter. I believe that laughter is the best medicine.

November 5, 2014 is a day I will never forget, nor will I ever truly remember. The order of the events will never be clear to me. I only have fractions, but even those are indistinguishable from what people told me happened. I have no real memory of being hit by the car, no memory of what was going through my head. The order may not ever be clear to me. What I will always remember is the feelings, the way the neck brace clung to my neck. The feeling of choking was constant, but that was a small price to pay for the protection and stability it was providing. I will always remember the intense thirst, and the overwhelming relief of my dad wetting my mouth with a sponge. From this moment on, memories are easier to recall.

Memories are clearer after getting transferred to a real room, after my shoulder surgery to repair my broken and displaced shoulder. I had every reason to be miserable,  a broken neck, a freshly repaired shoulder, a concussion and slight bleeding of the brain, and lurking in the shadows a torn corroded artery. The artery wasn’t discovered until sometime after I went home and was producing stroke like symptoms that brought me back to the hospital. My daily routine in the hospital included vital checks every four hours through the night, getting blood drawn from my feet first thing in the morning, and excruciating walks around my floor.

However, I was determined to be the strong one in my family,  my own comedic relief in this chapter of my life. Something I loved to was crack jokes, trying to make everyone in the room laugh. One of my personal favourites was when people told me how bad I looked, I always replied, “lookin’ better than the car at least.” My mom hung posters up in my hospital room for people to sign as they visited, and a common comment from the nurses is that no matter what, I always had a smile on my face.

Laughter truly is what got me through my experience -medically, laughter is proven to protect the heart, boost the immune system, and trigger the release of endorphins which make you feel happier. Laughter helped me from entering the stage of self pity; self pity engulfs your heart and mind, it keeps its strangling grasp on you for many years after that. Laughter gave me a reason to fight those heavy emotions and stay afloat.

I believe that laughter is the best medicine. When you have no idea what is happening to you, when there is total chaos reeking havoc on your life, when every ounce of control is ripped from your hands – there is nothing better than a fit of laughter. When everyone in your life is looking at you with pity, when there are days where you struggle to accept your reality, when your life is in someone else’s hands –  there is nothing better than a fit of laughter. When you need to be the strong one, when everyone else in the room is silent, when your future is unknown – there is nothing better than a fit of laughter. I believe that laughter is the best medicine.


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4 thoughts on “This I Believe – Laughter is the Best Medicine

  1. Dear Alexis,

    Your personal example really added a lot of meaning about how laughter can really cure people from the problems they encounter over their lifetime. I was very happy to know that you didn’t give up even when a lot of the odds were against you from the beginning. All of your ideas were clearly stated, and very organized.

    My only recommendation is maybe more of an explanation about how a person can use laughter to become more successful in life.

    You did a really great job on this blog, I hope to read more very soon.

    – Akash

  2. Dear Alexis,

    I’ve only had the privilege of reading your writing recently and I have to say I really oike the distinct voice you bring to your pieces! All the work of yours I’ve read so far has been very distinctly you. You write like how you speak, which makes the work seem more authentic. I think the personal experience you picked in your piece really helped bring your point home! It was a great choice.

    The only criticism I have would be just to make more use of pictures and quotes to add that personal touch to it. You did have your one picture at the end but it seems almost placed there as an afterthought. I think weaving in more imagery or quotes would make your piece stronger and more engaging to the reader

    I really enjoyed this piece and can’t wait for more! Keep up the good work!


  3. Thank you Akash and Amy!

    I’m glad you noticed my personality in my piece, that’s what I was striving for! Going forward in the future I will be sure to add parts about the future and utilize imagery more !

    I appreciate the time you guys took to look over my blog!


  4. Dear Alexis,

    First, I would like to command you for sharing such a tragic story but making its theme one of joy and strength. Honestly not many people think that way and I am amazed at the fact that such a young soul like yours can look at such an unfortunate event and… laugh.
    The way you were able to dig deep into you story made me, as a reader, feel like I almost have no reason to complain about most things. You were the victim of such an intense accident but you still found the time to let go of any self-pity and be happy!
    One question I have that I would love for you to answer thoroughly is: where do you think this happiness and laughter comes from? Once you have the answer, I feel like you should explain why this source even makes you think of such happy thoughts through moments of torture.
    This is such a beautiful and truthful piece. If people who have gone through way less than you could think this way, life would be precious.

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